Once Upon A Foolish Man

His name was Bode and for as long as he knew, he had been locked up in this hole. He couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t here. He had lost memory of what freedom felt like; the smell of fresh air, the feel of clean clothes on his now battered skin or the taste of good food just for the sheer joy of being that – good food. Days rolled over themselves like a group of drunken men falling over each other with no sense of direction. 

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Stay With Me


The air was heavy with the stench of death.

Didun stared blankly at the distance, looking but not really seeing anything. It was midday but darkness lurked everywhere, like a velvet blanket draped over dimming lights. She remembered the days of joy, the days of fullness and their fading glories taunted her. How had her life become this empty shell? Continue reading

10 Things you should be Praying and Planning for this New Year


Another year is wrapping up and yay! can we just revel in that grace for a second?

Many of us are taking out the time to re-evaluate our lives and make plans for a better year which is good. Though I am a firm believer in living an intentional life all year round and not just when a new year is presented, I also know it is very important to put things in perspective in the new year. For our years, months, weeks and days are a reality of this side of eternity and even though God dwells outside time, He gave us these times to mark the brevity of our lives. Continue reading

Dealing With Disappointments


Life is full of disappointments. I have had my own fair share of them even in the short while I’ve stayed on Earth (haven’t we all?) From a friend who promised to do something and didn’t come through, to your favorite team losing a game that seemed like a done deal, to our government who cannot keep a promise to save their lives; disappointments abound and life is never short of them. And from my experience, I can say this one thing for sure – disappointments hurt. Continue reading