Why Have You Been So Silent?


Today, the 24th of December, I consciously place my hands on my keyboard and pound away words as something deep and persistent moves my hands. I write with a sense of knowing that I write not because I want to, but because I must. Continue reading




Hey guys! A gracious 2016 to you. May God’s light continue to shine brighter on your path.

God has been so faithful over the years and I am expectant for a greater future. And hopefully, this time around I will be able to do something more meaningful on this blog but who knows? (No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am only just writing my first post for the year. Don’t judge me abeg). Continue reading



Lesson learned

I have realized something about myself. It is annoying and very unflattering. I have found that I am what I call ‘an unconscious learner’. I know a lot of things but have learned few of them. I do not apply my heart to the lessons I am taught.

Life is filled with teachers and God has graciously blessed me with them. They are people, situations that teach me, sometimes gently and quietly and other times loudly and obnoxiously.

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