My Top 5 Praise Jamz – March 2016


Praise is beautiful. It has effect on you, God and the devil. Any Christian who wants to grow, let go of self-centeredness, lack of joy and pride should learn to praise, whether in good times of bad. At a point in my life, I consciously had to learn to praise and music was a great go-to at this time. Continue reading

#4 – On Sin and Sinning

Sin is not angering an easily enraged or indifferent God. It is spitting on the face of a loving Father and bruised Saviour.


There are many things that draw out controversy and one of such is the topic of sin. In fact, the topic of sin is soo awkward that it is literally a conversation killer. Like if you just WANT to end a conversation flow in a mixed (READ: nonreligious) crowd, just chip in something like this:

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