Once Upon A Foolish Man

His name was Bode and for as long as he knew, he had been locked up in this hole. He couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t here. He had lost memory of what freedom felt like; the smell of fresh air, the feel of clean clothes on his now battered skin or the taste of good food just for the sheer joy of being that – good food. Days rolled over themselves like a group of drunken men falling over each other with no sense of direction. 

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Stay With Me


The air was heavy with the stench of death.

Didun stared blankly at the distance, looking but not really seeing anything. It was midday but darkness lurked everywhere, like a velvet blanket draped over dimming lights. She remembered the days of joy, the days of fullness and their fading glories taunted her. How had her life become this empty shell? Continue reading

Here Comes the Groom

Episode Two

here comes the groom


21st September (2 years ago)

“You this girl, what are you sitting here doing?” Mum stood above me, arms akimbo and face etched in a frown. I dropped my unfinished sandwich on the plate, paused the movie I was watching and quickly did a switch over to my browser window. I sat up straight on the bed and gave her a disarming smile (as much as can be managed with a mouthful of sandwich). Continue reading

Forgiving God 

​Episode 25

“Anjola!” Slim shouted as he hurried out of the church, weaving through the throng as they exited the building. She turned back and looked around uneasily, as though unsure whether to wait or run for her life. He knew her indecision was justified so he slowed down a bit as if waiting for her to decide.  Continue reading