And All These Things

Will God Really Give Me Everything I want if I seek Him?



“Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you.”

This is a phrase that we hear thrown around a lot; whether by a well-meaning believer advising someone to seek God or in other places where we try to encourage people to come to God.

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“No, I’m not alright” is not on the list of unpardonable sins.


As a teenager, one act I learned to perfect with so much expertise was hypocrisy. I was the quintessential ‘good girl’. If you have ever felt picked upon by anyone for being a terrible person and have been compared with a more ‘perfect’ prototype of a person. Chances are, I was that person you were compared with. The one, who got the good grades, never got in a fight or in any scandal with boys. Continue reading

#4 – On Sin and Sinning

Sin is not angering an easily enraged or indifferent God. It is spitting on the face of a loving Father and bruised Saviour.


There are many things that draw out controversy and one of such is the topic of sin. In fact, the topic of sin is soo awkward that it is literally a conversation killer. Like if you just WANT to end a conversation flow in a mixed (READ: nonreligious) crowd, just chip in something like this:

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#2 – On God’s love

God loves me unconditionally. He loves me because He is Love and not because I am lovely.

I had a terrible day the other day. It was so horrible I was on the verge of tears. Don’t ask me about it because it is not a gist for today. And if you are really interested, you can grab me whenever you see me and ask me about it. I’ll be polite. Except I’m having another bad day -__-
Alright, where was I?
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#1: On Loving God

Loving God is so beautiful. It is my duty and I have to decide to do it, consciously.
One of the most helpful things that Jesus did for us was the clarity of His teachings. He was so clear about some issues that we tend to get confused about them. Agreed, some of Jesus’ teachings, like His parables can be quite difficult to understand sometimes but most of his words were just so clear cut. I guess our confusion has to do with our tendency to want to complicate things. God is so simple we find it hard to understand him.

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