Fruits of the Spirit
‘’Sisters, you have about thirty minutes left to dress up, pack up your belongings and vacate the hostel. If you’re still sleeping by now, you are very wrong.’’
The lady’s shrill voice rang out through the cacophony of the hostel’s early morning hustle and bustle. She was the ‘’captain’’ in charge of our hostel and was now going around each hall to make the announcements. I lay back on the bunk, observing the happenings around me. I was fully dressed and ready to move out at the ‘’go’’. This was what gave me the nerve to be in such a reclining position even as I watched other girls go frenzied.

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Helloooooooooooooooo!! Good to see you here again 🙂

Now, I consider myself a very considerate person. Very. Which is why in my consideration, I have noticed a certain marginalization on here (this blog). There are people who absolutely ADORE long, boring stories and I have not as a blogger performed my duty in delivering that. This blog post is therefore both an apology and an “I’ll make it up to you”.

Today, I’m just gon’ give a peep into my wonderful life, and I can almost hear you snort, “Like I care”. Well, yeah you aren’t supposed to. Because this, my friend, is the point of a blog. Continue reading