On Waiting – (Conversations with God)

Me: Lord, I really want this to happen already, you know. It’s taking too long.

God: Wait. 

Me: Wait…for what?

God: Wait on me. I know what I’m doing

Me: Oh, okay


Sometime later…

Me: God, this waiting thing is taking too long. Can’t we kind of speed this up?

God: Well, that’s the point.


….much later…

Me: Lord…it’s me again. Still here. Still waiting. Just thought to remind you.

God: I know. Reminding me doesn’t change my will.

Me: Lord, this is hard.

God: That’s the point. You must learn trust.

Me: *sigh. Okay, I’ll just wait then.


Sometime later… 

God: Child, what are you doing?

Me: Err… I just tried to, You know, work some things out

God: You’re scheming.

Me: What? No, no. I’m just being…smart. Strategic.

God: That is what the world calls it. Don’t lean on anyone or anything but me…even yourself.

Me: Oh, I see.

God: Yeah.

Me: So what now?

God: Wait.


..a while later…

God: Child, what are you doing?

Me: Waiting.

God: No, you’re not

Me: What do You mean? I haven’t moved from where You left me

God: That’s my point. You’re not waiting. You’re not doing anything

You: *sigh. Lord, I don’t understand You. First, You want me to wait and now You’re saying I’m not doing anything.

God: Waiting is not passive. It is a process of trust and listening for instructions. You don’t wait in passivity. You wait in active trust.

You: How?

God: When last did you pray about this? What is my word about it?

Me: I see

God: Yes. Waiting is a period of trust and making. It is not idle.

Me: Making?

God: Yes. I make in the waiting. So you must allow me. That’s part of the waiting.

Me: Oh. Alright Lord. What now?

God: Wait.

Side Note:

Another new section on the blog!

I have been getting impressions on this also for a while.

Let me know what you think.

God’s grace!

Image via pexels

2 thoughts on “On Waiting – (Conversations with God)

  1. Samuel Imafidon says:

    I love the conversational tone to it. Just because he wants us to wait doesn’t mean he is cutting the communication line. Very apt.
    Thanks oyin.


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