Meet Agbalumo

Hello there, I am Agbalumo

But my name most times varies

To some in Nigeria I’m Otien or Udara

While some of you call me Cherry

But Cherry is actually my distant cousin

She is sweet and bright as a flame

and lives in the western countries

African star apple is my English name

I’m not sure whose idea this was

But it makes sense if you consider it

I am a star, a celebrity with applause

Known far, wide and loved by many

By young and old ones alike,

The rich and poor adore me

I may be small but I am mighty

I’ve conquered nations of hunger and yearning

You strip my seed of its off-white clothing

Sucking my nice milky juice afresh

Savoring the sour sweetness therein

And the tangy taste of my red flesh.

I am very friendly to be honest

I am amiable to your taste buds

And importantly to your pockets

If you agree, give a little nod.

Children love me all the more

Getting creative with my remains

They turn my chewy flesh into gum

Cracking my seed to sometimes adorn.

But I’m not all beauty with no brains

I contain some very rich vitamins

Minerals and all with healthy gain

A, C, Fiber, Calcium you name it.

Like all stars you know, I go on tours

Mine last not more than four months

I know you look forward to

My brief yearly visits.

I’m around again but will be gone soon

So do come around, don’t be shy

No need to look far as I am in bloom

Whenever you spot me, do say hi.


Side Note:

That’s not why it’s called ‘star’ o. It’s called that ’cause of the way the seeds are arranged like a star.

God is good. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Meet Agbalumo

  1. samuel imafidon says:

    Gone Too Soon
    Hehehe….Agbalumo. after reading this, I went out in search of this thing my people call otien….Sadly I couldn’t find any, could she be gone already? I hope not, it’s not yet four months or is it…I don’t know. She has been with me all these while but I ignored her, not knowing she had a short time to stay, now she is gone. How will I taste again of her sweetness, Many years ago when she made those promises to me that she will feel my tummy with satisfaction and my mouth with sweetness, what can I say she had been faithful. I then chose to ignore her, I let all other alternative satisfy me but now I know that she has her rightful place in my heart, her a sense really hurts. I guess it’s too late. I will not mourn her, though she went too soon, I believe she will be back…But until then, hello bolé.

    Lol. Oyin thanks for this piece, I don’t know what I wrote up there, but u Inspired me to write good one, was a joy to read.


    • God_girl says:

      Lmho 😂! Oh my. I had no idea you were this poetic. Lol.

      She’s still very much around o…till March or so. I hope you find her 😉


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