5 Songs For When You Have The ‘Blues’


Every one of us, one way or the other have had days or seasons of sorrow. And for some, it is a constant state of depression. This is not the life God intends for us; He wants us to live a life of joy. Joy is so important to Him in fact, that He deemed it to be a fruit of the Spirit He gives His children. Of course this does not mean you’ll be constantly happy – that’s scary – it only means that He gives the strength from His joy to face those situations.

And because music is such a wonderful gift from God, sometimes He would use them to speak and reach out to us.

So I have compiled a playlist of 5 songs (in no particular order) for those times when sorrow hits you; whether from what life throws at you or from personal failures.

* Broken Hallelujah – Mandisa

This is a song of praise and trust when it is hardest – in sorrow. There are times when we are so broken and grieved that we easily lapse into that state where our sorrows consume us. In that place where it looks like we cannot lift our hands in praise or jump up in thanksgiving, even a broken Hallelujah is enough.  A Hallelujah rooted not in your feelings but in faith.

And I really like the way the melody swells over each verse and chorus…like building up steam. Listen to the song and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Check out the song and lyrics here.

* Good To Me – Audrey Assad

I’ve always loved Audrey Assad’s songs. There is something about her poetic and meditative lyrics that draws me. And this song particularly helped me through some days I was focusing too hard on my situation and not on God’s faithfulness.

The song reminds us of God’s goodness in EVERY situation. He is good. He is God.

I particularly like the line, “And the foxes in the vineyard will not steal my joy” and “Your voice fills the night…raise my head up to hear the sound”.

Find the song and lyrics here.

* I need you to love me – Barlow Girls

This song is particularly for those times we experience personal failure and are bowed down in sorrow from it. It reminds us that God’s love heals us and is all we need. There is nothing like an active reminder of God’s love to chase those clouds away.

My favourite line; “You’re the God who has all things and still you want me.”

Check out the song and lyrics here.

* Ebezina – Preye

The first time I heard this song was from my sister and I can remember having goose bumps for some reason. I didn’t really know what it meant but there was something about it that was…soothing. For those who don’t know what the chorus means (it’s in igbo), the lyrics and its translation is here. And oh, FYI, ebezina means ‘don’t cry’

And you can find the song here.

* Steady my heart – Kari Jobe

This song goes a while back and it was the first of Kari Jobe’s songs I heard but is still so poignant. Just beautiful. It is real, like that line “There are days I feel like nothing ever goes right” – soo relatable. And yet it draws the hearer’s heart straight to God which is the essence of faith; looking to God and not the situation.

Favourite line: “I will run to you ‘cos I know that you are lover of my soul, healer of my scars”.

Get the song and lyrics here.

Side Note:


*Grabs mic

“Testing one, two…”


This list is by no means a standard ranking for anything and will most likely change overtime depending on this blogger’s mood.

But for now, ‘I be feeling these songs!’

How about you? What are your favorite songs to deal with ‘blues’? 

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One thought on “5 Songs For When You Have The ‘Blues’

  1. Aremo- Jesu (Jesus heir) says:

    Yes i also find pleasure in about three of Don Moen’s songs and indeed it gives me hope they are
    Be it unto me: i find it hard to just wave the song away, as it reminds me of God’s words and promises

    God is good: this is a popular song which gives me hope especially the part that says “if you are walking through the valley n dere ar shadows all arnd …….”

    Rescue: I need you Jesus come to my rescue tell me where else can i go. This song made me realise that the world has nothing to offer me

    Oh did i forget unchattered territory by Don Moen? And the popular Firm Foundation song “u ar my firm foundation ,i know i can stand secure , u ar my firm foundation ,i put my hope in ur holy word”

    Just to mention but a few are these songs


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