6 Things Candy Crush Taught Me 


I am not really a fan of games. But one game I like is Candy Crush. When I play it, I learn some things. I realize this may sound strange but it was just too obvious. And since I believe every Christian needs to learn to learn from everything, I decided to share.

And if you don’t know Candy Crush, I really don’t know how to help you -__- Okay, here are 6 things playing Candy Crush taught me:

1. Follow the rules: 

Every game, whether Candy Crush, Scrabble, Chess or just ‘ten-ten’, has its own rules. And any time I play Candy Crush, I am aware of that. I am aware that I cannot just swipe two matching colours of candies because I feel like it. It won’t work, no matter how many times I try or how hard I stare at my phone. Either I get three candies and above or I forget it.

So also, life is full of principles, simple rules that must be obeyed irrespective of who you are. Sow and Reap. Give and receive. Sin and die. And more importantly, the Kingdom of God operates under principles; upside-down rules if you may – die to live, serve to lead, believe to receive, seek to find etc. This also follows that I must read the instruction manual (the Bible) and obey if I am ever going to win.

2. Reach the target no matter how much you really like to crush candy:

The first time I played Candy crush was on a friend’s phone. He had been playing it and curious, I took the phone from him to play. I was so excited about the way the candies crushed…yum! But this friend did not share my enthusiasm. I couldn’t understand what his problem was, I mean, I was slaying every three, four and sometimes five candies I could find. But when I failed the level, I understood his concern. There was a target for every level and in my zeal, I had ignored that.

You see, not every candy crushed is necessary for your success. It may look oh-so-tempting and sweet but you will be judged based on the target you accomplished not on the candies you slayed. So also, not every opportunity should be grabbed by you. Not every open door is for you. Once you understand that there is a set goal and purpose for you, you would not go around swiping every 3-5 candies you see but focus on those that help accomplish your target.

3. Ignore the blinking temptation:

This point is closely related with (2) above. As you play the game, at times when you get stuck or delay too long, some candies will pulse and blink as a hint so you can swipe them. But if you are wise, you’ll ignore them and focus on your game. Sometimes, I ignore those hints even when I know they are right, just out of pettiness or whatever.

As temptations and opportunities come that may look right or easy, ignore them of they don’t help your goal. Just keep your eyes on your game and focus on reaching the set target. Don’t waste your moves on cheap thrills and momentary satisfaction.

4. Focus on your candies!

The thing with Candy Crush and indeed all games, is that it is in stages. Each level progressively takes you to the next with increasing levels of difficulty. But because you have succeeded in previous levels, they expect that you can handle more. And if you don’t succeed at one level, you can’t move on to the next.

So also it is with life. Every stage you are in was divinely orchestrated by God based on your capabilities. So relax, take a chill pill and focus on where you are. Forget about your friend who is level 37 when you are at level 12. They didn’t get there by chance. Don’t envy them, just focus on your candies. Because seriously, you are going nowhere until you pass that level you are. You can decide to go back on previous stages and bask in the aura of past victories but guess who is losing? Honestly, I believe this is why a lot of us seem to be stuck on one spot (in our relationship with God, our growth, our career etc.) Because we have not learned, because we have refused to understand the stage we are in and give it all we’ve got to succeed.

So, forget about stages past or those ahead and just focus on your candies!

5. It has been programmed:

There are times I play CC and I just get pissed at the unfairness of it all. How can they decide to move a candy I have been eyeing away from me when I am just one move from losing? But even as I fume, common sense wins. Because as a developer, I understand it has been programmed and that no one is sitting at the back-end with an evil grin, just waiting to give me the wrong candies so I can fail.

So also with life. You may not be able to determine what you get but you are responsible for what you do with what you have. Don’t dwell on things you cannot change but focus on how to use them and turn them to a roaring success story.

6. Grace speaks

Oh, the joy of beholding that striped candy, that bonus ball! Just when I think I cannot go far, a bonus candy appears and saves the day. And even after I have lost, I get a second chance and even more.

As we go through life, let us be aware and grateful for the voice of grace that speaks. Grace that strengthens us, grace that gives us more than we deserve to achieve what we are incapable of, grace that speaks life even when death is what we deserve, grace that gives us a second chance and a third chance if we need it.

So don’t fret. Give your best and watch grace work for you and in you. Chill.

God’s got you.

Side Note:

Who knew gaming could be so productive? Lol. But hey, don’t use that as an excuse to start playing games when you should be working, and be like “I want to learn something”.

The point of this, I guess, is to make us conscious that God can teach us through any and everything.

Your turn. What has Candy Crush taught you?


9 thoughts on “6 Things Candy Crush Taught Me 

  1. Emdy says:

    Nicely written dearie. Candy crush actually teaches a lot more. When you play some certain stages in candy crush, you tend to get frustrated and give up because that level seems impossible to bypass, but then you go back to it again some other time and then you just play it for the fun of it, and maybe just to pass time, and then ALAS! You find yourself succeeding in that level with incredible ease.
    So also is life. Things can get really complicated at some point, and you wanna give up hope, but God in his infinite mercy just does his things in the most unexpected manner you never imagined.
    PS: there’s always a way out.


  2. Ify Halim says:

    I love this! I don’t think I’d be able to look at CC the same way again lol. And I love how God teaches us simple life truths in the simplest of ways.

    Lesson #4 spoke to me in different ways. This comparison thing is truly foolishness.

    Thanks for sharing, Oyin! And I love your blog btw.



    • God_girl says:

      Lol. I know right? God is amazing like that.

      True. When we compare ourselves with ourselves, we are not wise (2Cor. 10:12) And God keeps telling me this.

      Thanks for stopping by and I love your blog!


  3. samuel imafidon says:

    I believe if we pay more attention we can be taught by the holy Spirit through any means and at any time.

    Thanks for sharing this Oyin. …Off to play some game!!!


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