God chose me


Today’s post is a very special one because, wait for it…



Are you seated yet? No?



Okay, you’re seated now? Good.



It is special because….it was written by a friend of mine. Yaaayy!

*waits for applause to die down

(Please ignore the melodrama)

Alright, seriously though.When I read it, wow. I will say this much: it made me fall in love with God all over again. Lemme not spoil the surprise.

Here goes:

It is such a wonderful thing to be chosen.

If you’ve ever been chosen first when playing “set” football, you understand what I mean. Everybody has the longing to accepted, to be wanted and better still to be preferred. We are all wired that way, you and I; nobody wants to be the guy that wasn’t picked (I was that guy too many times *sobs, street football is hard y’all). We make a lot of life choices on the premise of being accepted striving to be better, whatever our own version of ‘better’ is.

God chose us. 

That is just… amazing. How can we wrap our head around that? I don’t think we fully can and just as it is with many things everything with God, we have to accept it in our hearts by faith. Those words standing alone on that paragraph mean so much. Many a book have been written about it, nevertheless, I’d like to share with you a few of my thoughts.


It is very hard to look past the first word. The personality of the person making the choice makes it all the more important. I pause as I write this; in awe. I mean it’s God.

You know, I heard back in the day when the scribes were writing the Scripture and they got to a place where they had to write a name of God, they would stop, go and have a bath, put on fresh clothes before they continued. They were in awe of Him.

If there is something this present day generation has lost, it the awe of God. You must understand, God didn’t get any less awesome (I cringe to use that word – it has lost so much meaning). God didn’t get any less magnificent or glorious but we are blinded somewhat. You see we have a lot of gadgets and instruments of worship and all that whatnot but still that doesn’t lead into more reverence of God in our lives.

You must see, worship is not about the words alone, it is deed. Jesus said this is how everybody would know that you love me, if you keep my commandments. In other words, you may offer God more worship and more glory by going about your business in the day obeying His commandments than you are saying over again “Lord I give you all the glory”. Word and deed must go hand in hand.

I digress.

My point is, maybe it is because we have failed to appreciate (realize, understand, be conscious of) God. that is why we do not appreciate (love, understand, be aware of) ourselves and our place. It is a fact, God cannot get any bigger but He can get bigger to me personally and to you too. He can get bigger in my thoughts and in my life. We need to appreciate God if we must understand how special we are. HE chose us.


Choice connotes several things; prominent amongst those are “alternatives”. For it to be called a choice there has to be alternatives. Alternatives to you, alternatives to me but still we got the job! God predestined us, foreknew us and justified us. God called us into the ministry we are in now, He said, “you my boy…come and take care of this for me”. What a privilege!

For Adam it was His garden, for you it might be your wife, your country, the world. He hands us His most important jobs, handling His most prized possessions – His children, you and I. He did not have to do any of it, but He did, He takes pleasure in it, in us.

God has put so much hope and faith in us but doesn’t that translate to pressure? Pressure on us to perform and be straight A’s Christians? Hallelujah! No! That brings us to ‘us’.


Jesus told his disciples in John’s gospel, “I chose you…” But that’s not all, He said, “You didn’t choose me” (John 15:16). What a statement! Wow. Wowzer!! Oh Hallelujah!! I am dancing in my heart now as I write this… (Oh my, I gat moves).

Okay, maybe I should let you in on this now. You see, He said, I didn’t come to him first; He came to ME first. Oh my God! Don’t you see it yet?! Jesus told His disciples this just before He was going to be crucified because He knew they would be tempted to fall in this mess many of us fall in and are in at this moment in time. The burden of the relationship is not on me alone, it is not on us alone. God has already foreknown us and He is prepared for us, weaknesses and all. He didn’t just say, “I have saved you and called you, Good luck living up to my expectations”.

There are so many things that I need to be, a son, a brother, a friend, a writer, a leader, so many things I need to do, there are all so many things He wants me to become and on so many days it looks and feels like I am hopeless. This blob of clay can never be that… how would He get me from here to there?

I find myself many times, whispering under my breath in Yoruba, “Ma je ki oro mi su e, Oluwa” (just don’t give up on me, Lord). I don’t know if you have been there, I have. Where you feel you’re just about to cross that line; one more move and its poof!

The thing is God already foreknew you – weakness and all and yet He chose you. It can only mean one thing; He believes in you, there “aint” nothing you can throw at Him that He has never seen before and if you work with Him, He’ll get you home.

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Adedayo Lamina

A son of God, the original optimist, living to please the King.

Twitter: @Billz_onme


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