Raging seas and endless vastness

The inky dark sky

Draped over the deep waters

Nothing to be seen here

But chaos and the blurry

Sight of my tears

My ship has set sail.

Crashing waves and drumming

The beats of helplessness

The undulating whispers of sin

Nothing to be heard

But the noisy waves and the staccato

Of my tired heart in my chest

My ship has set sail.

Salty sprays of sea water

And my warm tears spilled

Noisy chaos that drowns out

Your gentle voice that calls

But somewhere above my eyes

Piercing the blurriness

Is light.

My ship has set sail

The storm has built and

I have lost my way

You are my lighthouse set sturdily

Your luminous light pouring steadily

Father of lights is who You are

You lead me safely to the harbour

Not a flashlight, not a flicker

But torrents of luminous light.

Perplexed in my helplessness I stand

But you sing over me

Melodies of love and hope

Your incandescent light is all I need

In a world gone dark and chaotic

In your cross is my glory

You are my safe harbour

The lighthouse from the dark storms

You are light

You are hope

You are home.


Side Note:

For all still caught in the night of sin.

For those lost at sea.

For those caught in life’s storms.

For those seeking Him.

For everyone.

Jesus is THE light.







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