“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21-NIV) 


Image via: https://theedenroad.wordpress.com/

Voices raised in rippling melodies

Singing loud in adoring choruses

“Oh come let us adore Him!”

Yet beyond the beauty of the hymn

I wonder as I go a wandering

Who are those He bids come?

The ones in the court or those far gone?

Of course, it is those afar off He calls

This chorus is invitation to me

“Oh, come let us adore Him!”

An invitation to my wandering heart

A call to gather my straying parts

A bid to my scattered thoughts

A plea that every part of me come

Yes, we sing. Come, oh come!

Come adore the only worthy One

Come my imagination to God

Gather your strewn pieces abroad

Quit your wandering and come

Focus now on the only true One

Come bow in worship at His feet

“Oh come let us adore Him.”

Draw me close, firmly pull me in

And bind my heart Lord, to thee

And now all my scattered treasures

In worship at your feet I pour

While all other goes strangely dim

I cry,  “Let us adore Him! ”


Side Note :

This is a poem now. Don’t ruin the mystery.



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