Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if all my dreams came true. I wander as I wonder to places my mind is scared to be. Things I want to be.

Here is one of them.

I want to travel places.

I’ve always wanted to. As a kid, I would daydream myself into those places I read in books. Winter nights by the fire, Summer afternoons on beaches, Spring evenings atop a beautiful sea…spanning several miles with the setting sun hanging low on the horizon while splattering a brilliance of colours, Autumn mornings whispering with leaves that fell on cold cobblestones.

Harmattan mornings in Sub-Saharan Africa. Rainy nights in a far away village.

People; Black. White. Yellow. Brown. Red.

People with accents. People with smiles. Mean people. Beautiful people. Hungry people. Hurting people.

I want to go on missions. To follow my Lord into the broken and scarred hearts. To watch Him display His power in those who believe.

Jews. Gentiles.

I just want to pick up my suitcase tucked with clothes, minimal essentials, a camera, headphones, notepads, pens and books.

And just wander. Wondering as I wander.



Side Note:

We all have dreams. Things we think about to escape the cruel realities of our lives. Some of us stopped dreaming. But what is life without a dream?

How about you? Do you have a dream? What are your dreams?




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