My Top 5 Praise Jamz – March 2016


Praise is beautiful. It has effect on you, God and the devil. Any Christian who wants to grow, let go of self-centeredness, lack of joy and pride should learn to praise, whether in good times of bad. At a point in my life, I consciously had to learn to praise and music was a great go-to at this time.

Alright, so I am currently rocking some songs on my praise playlist. They are all old songs but ain’t no staleness in praise! So,I thought I should share with you…

  1. Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker – I won’t lie to you, this song is Spirit-filled! (oh! and instrumental filled too). And the vocals? My!
  2. Praise The Lord by The City Harmonic – This song says a lot about real praise; it is not only when we have that ‘A’ in our mid-term we should praise but also when we lose our headphones 😦
  3. All Times by Mandisa – Wanna dance? Say  no more! 😉
  4. Somore by Kenny K’ore – This song literally had me dancing in a bus. I was bursting moves with errant eyes on me and I didn’t care!
  5. Shabach by Byron Cage  – Err…how is your Hebrew? This song will help you with that while you are stepping to God’s praise. Learning just got better!


Side Note:

This list is by no means a standard ranking and will most likely change overtime depending on this blogger’s mood. But for now, I be feeling these songs!

Okay, your turn, what are your current favorite praise jamz?


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