Okay, so now I have a hopefully functioning blog. Yippee! Let the drums roll out, let’s sing and dance because it’s really worth celebrating. I mean how many people in the world own a blog? Not so many I’m sure and now here I am with this new blog, standing on the front-line of the very few bloggers the world has ever produced. It’s a major achievement and totally awesome, I know. Please you can hold your applause (I do hope by now you have figured that this human being is unserious and is most likely making a dismal attempt at the art of sarcasm). And just in case you’re still wondering what that was about…I really didn’t mean that; there are a gazillion blogs out there…really.


Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with this one now? She too now has a blog. What does she know that she wants to say sef?” Right, right?*wiggling brows* (Did I tell you I read minds? No? Good, ‘cos I don’t). But before we drift too far away, I’ll have you know that this blog is mostly about God. But, before you close up the page (because really who wants to be hassled by some religious freak by this time of the day? Right?) I want you to at least hear me out first okay? Let’s have a deal, I’ll talk a little (through my posts), then you reply and tell me how you feel and what you think (by dropping a few comments) so it doesn’t seem like an awkward monologue, then we can work something out from there. How’s that? Seems fair enough?
 Well, now that we have that settled, I’ll also want you to understand that this is not some religious blog. It’s about God, in the realest, most practical and most elemental approach I can manage to come up with. It is the reflections of a girl in desperate search of God every single day, in every way possible and in all I do. It is my hope that you are also in on this search. But do you know the beauty of this? It’s that even before we began the search, God found us! How? By giving us His Son! So, our search now is not a mindless groping for a God who is far-flung but it is one where we freely and earnestly seek Him with all our heart knowing that He is near and is more than willing to even help us in our chase! Imagine, God even gave us a road map in our search for Him! How cool is that?!
 “…so we could seek after God, and not just grope around in the dark but actually find him. He doesn’t play hide-and-seek with us. He’s not remote; he’s near…” (Acts 17:27-29) The Message Bible.

So, you see this blog is fundamentally about reaching out to God, even as His hands are poised to pick us up. It’s about relationship, not just with God but with people, in the God-kind-of-way. You get now? We’ll also try to help one another grow in grace.
 But, hold up a sec. Did I introduce myself? No?! *exaggerated gasp*. That’s just really ill-mannered of me. Where are my manners? (Anyone seen them?).  Oh well, let’s see if I can salvage the last shred of civility I have left. I’m Oyindamola Rachel Williams, a proudly Nigerian God lover in search of God (I think we’ve covered that?). My motto; Love God, love people…the rest is details (Matthew 22:37-40). I’m faaar from perfect but I rest safely on the shoulders of a veeerrryyy perfect saviour, even as He makes me a clone of Himself. Oh and did I also point out that I’m a girl? No? Okay, that’ll be our little secret then *winks*. I’m a Kingdom Ambassador under cover as a college girl, I’m a princess, an heiress with a lotta other significant credentials (yeah, I permit you to roll your eyes now).  So, you are…..? Well, nice meeting you…

Alrighty, thank you sooooooooooooooooooo (*exhale*) much for visiting. I don’t take for granted the fact that your time is really precious and you decided to spend some of it here with me. Thank you again *hugs*. But, seriously (*sober face now*) I really do appreciate it…and YOU!!  Please do stopover again, sometime soon; you’re ALWAYS welcome, by us (me and God – we run this show together). And I do solemnly declare that I’ll try my best to make the visits worth your time and effort. 
Love ya to Pluto and back!!

4 thoughts on “WHERE ARE MY MANNERS?

  1. Lamina says:

    wow colour me impressed!…this is just beautiful!..I think i know yhur secret super power (apart writing ofcourse)…coming up with nicknames!..God girl honeybee the real oyin…yhu try. God is yhur strength…I pray God fights a jealous battle over yhur life…its always nice to see people who arent ashamed of the gospel…God bless you honey! once again this is beautiful!


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